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Our Mission

To provide our partners and clients with the most diverse lending portfolio andunrivaled support in the broker community.


You don’t become the fastest growing brokerage in the country by accident!

01/2019 = 42 MLOs
04/2019 = 100 MLOs
04/2020 = 600
04/2021 = 1000 MLOs
10/23/2021 = 1375 MLOs
04/2020 = 600 MLOs

NEXA Mortgage was created by Loan Officers for Loan Officers. That’s because Loan Officers know what is best for their Customers. At NEXA, a Loan Officer gets to make the decision at the ground level so the Customer always gets the best service and product available.  With a vision to make sure the Loan Officers in the Industry get their fair cut in the business and all decision making that goes with it.

At NEXA Mortgage, Loan Officers make the decisions and control the company. Producers know what they need for their clients a lot more than a far away Executive that has not produced a loan personally in years.

Why Nexa Mortgage


Start at NEXA Mortgage and your support will never be unmatched with our always available support teams. Our support staff is online all day ready to assist with your immediate needs.

Systems & Technology support. Lender/Scenario support, Human Resources support, Payroll/Accountig support On-boarding support.


We offer super low interest rates Stop saying you sell service and not rates, when you and I both KNOW you can sell low rates AND service (processing, loan scenario, marketing, even AE’s and UW support from our top lenders ALL One Click away.

NEXA Mortgage is designed to give you the ability to compete on every loan in every market. Instead of losing clients to other companies with lower rates, let us make you the “low rate leader” in your market.
NEXA Mortgage is designed to give you the ability to compete on every loan in every market. Instead of losing clients to other companies with lower rates, let us make you the “low rate leader” in your market.


Our average CTC is 14 days and we are pushing that to be even faster. NEXA Mortgage has an amazing processing platform and is by far one of the most amazing pieces of NEXA Mortgage.


No more sending clients away because of overlays or products. You will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of every product possible. From FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA, DPA, Commercial ETC.


NEXA Mortgage is a business of people independently working together to provide all of the benefits you can expect from a fortune 500 company. (Medical, dental, matching 401k, , life insurance, etc.)


From the highest splits in the business, to long-term residual income into retirement. We have designed NEXA Mortgage for your success. No risk and unlimited potential.

Marketing & Technology

Fully automated marketing to consumers, Fully automated marketing to referral partners, Fully automated processing (lastest in the business)

With our full-time always on marketing team ready to assist you with all of your video and online marketing needs. We have more available marketing materials than you can handle.

Don’t just take it from us

When I was in retail, I knew there was a better option for my clients and I. Since I joined NEXA, my income, my production and my team has grown drastically.

Since becoming a broker with NEXA, within the first 90 days, I’ve doubled my personal income!

If you’re an entrepreneurial type of Loan Officer, and you’d like to take control of your whole mortgage business while making high margin and selling low rates then look no further than NEXA.

I have been doing mortgage loans for 22 years now and I am the happiest that I have ever been. If you want to see why check us out, there is a reason we are the fastest growing mortgage broker in the nation

I love NEXA’s slick support system and processors are paid by commission so they are as invested as we are in the close of escrow.

My favorite part of NEXA is we are a forward moving company, average is not good enough and we will always be improving because of our leadership/management strives for the best.

My favorite part about NEXA is the vision because you don’t find brokers thinking bigger about the expansion into multiple markets.

My favorite thing is NEXA zoom support. It allows me to call in and get an immediate answer. Love that!

Great rates, great comp, huge list of diversified lenders and incredible support staff with top tier management

The thing I like best about NEXA is that it is a company for Loan Officers run by people who have been in the trenches as LOs.

My favorite part about NEXA is getting paid right away! Everyday is payday at NEXA!!

Support is #1 at NEXA. More loans get closed which help the MLO’s expand the products they can offer.